Poechman DeWolfe Birtwistle

Chartered Professional Accountants


Don has been my accountant for fifteen years now, and he provides incomparable client service. The longest I’ve ever waited for a question to be answered is an hour, most times its within 10 minutes, regardless of the day or time. Meetings, if required, are scheduled around the client’s convenience. Paperwork is always delivered easily and quickly. Don is extremely knowledgeable and demonstrates amazing expertise in his field. He is also an amazing advisor and has help guide me through many corporate and personal financial decisions. Humour is always a part of the package – which really does make him the best accountant I’ve ever worked with.


Dr. Kiran Ramesh – O.D Vision Care Centre

3465 Kingston Road Scarborough, ON M1M 1R4

tel: 416.265.8777 fax: 416.265.1338


As a nervous first-time professional entrepreneur, I was referred to Don DeWolfe for advice on setting up my business. Apart from being the consummate accountant, over the years he has provided me with expert mentoring, calm guidance in business decisions, reassurance through moments of confusion, and countless tips for success. He is always there with a fast and helpful reply to every question, and I am grateful for his advice in matters big and small. Plus, he makes me laugh. I credit Don with helping me grow my professional practice over the past 15 years into a very successful enterprise. The oddest but truest tribute I can give Don is this: every March, when we sit together and review my YTD and the progress I’ve made under his mentorship, I actually look forward to paying my taxes.


Judy Libman – Ambitions Educational Consulting 44 Strathearn Road, Toronto ON M6C 1R6
tel: 416.780.0288 – fax: 416.781.3549
On Twitter: @JudyLibman

Facebook: Ambitions Educational Consulting


Excellent accounting services from the principal of the company and his very competent staff. Don has been both our personal and business accountant for over 20 years and he is always keeping us up to date with current knowledge on tax matters. He promptly returns calls and messages whenever we have questions. He handles CRA inquiries directly on our behalf. We are in the hands of consummate professionals with Don DeWolfe Chartered Professional Accountants.


Susan Keir, Keir Corp.

We have had a number of accountants over the years but consider ourselves fortunate to have found Don and his team. From the beginning, they have listened to our goals and helped us achieve them. They are always available to discuss alternatives with us regarding how best to plan our retirement, explain new government policies and to answer our questions regarding accounting rules and procedures. In understanding our goals, they provide us with alternatives to meet unexpected expenses and recommend the best course of action.


Thomas A. Moreau,
BSc, PhD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCITP, MCTS Brockman Moreau Consulting Inc.

We see Poechman DeWolfe Birtwistle CPAs as more than our accountants – they’re our on-demand subject matter specialists. Whether it’s building out projections, structuring a deal, or even just trying to think through a business opportunity – they’re an integral and important part of our team.


Barry Fogarty, ceo/co-founder – klothed


I have worked with Poechman DeWolfe Birtwistle CPAs for several years. The firm handles both my corporate and personal matters. They are responsive, efficient and a true pleasure to work with. As a very busy professional, I rely heavily on their expertise and guidance, which I trust completely.


Matt Vella, Partner, Loopstra Nixon LLP www.loopstranixon.com

I had the very good fortune to have someone I trust introduce me to Don fifteen years ago, and since that time, Don and his team have provided accounting services and financial advice for my small business.
Their accounting services are excellent – additionally, however, Don’s expertise in the area of small business has been invaluable in helping me shape and manage a successful financial plan for my business. He is a very good listener and he took the time at the outset to understand the business environment associated with my work. His advice has helped shape my thinking and I have grown much more confident in my ability to make good financial decisions.
I appreciate how available they are to provide advice and how quick and efficiently all the accounting services are rendered. Don, John, Andrew and their staff are very important to the effective operation of my business.


Cathy Jonasson, President – StudioLAB 403 Annette Street, Toronto ON M6P 1R7

cell: 647.588.6494

Poechman DeWolfe Birstwistle CPAs have been doing our personal and all of our business taxes for almost 15 years. They are very professional, always available, and quick to respond – and they take the time to explain everything in terms that I can understand! In fact, many of my colleagues now use them for their taxes. Will continue to work with them for many years to come!


Erin Gamelin, Owner/Operator
Craft Beer Pubs – 416.994.5591
Stout Irish Pub: www.stoutirishpub.ca Louis Cifer Brew Works: www.louisciferbrewworks.com

As a small but growing business owner, over the last 20 years Don DeWolfe and his team have been an integral part of my personal and business planning. Whether it’s acquiring a business – or selling a cottage – I run all major decisions through them. As my accounting has grown in complexity and sophistication Don has always been one step ahead of my needs.


Josh Wiwcharyk
The Bionic Penguin Corporation

I met Don 14 years ago, through a mutual client. His accounting expertise aside, I have experienced such value from his knowledge in the small business world. From our first meeting, he had encouraged me to start up my small business and was my main support through the initial stages. He continues to be my go-to person on all major decisions. He has shaped the way I think, manage, and make decisions. I attribute much of my success to his guidance.

When we are faced with year ends, the income tax season, or any day-to-day accounting needs, he responds to my questions and concerns almost immediately. I never have to worry about the small details, he takes care of it all! He makes it seem all so easy!


Talia Khanania, Owner Retirement Living Consultant, Elder Care Transitions Inc. www.ectransitions.com

Don and his team have been our accountants and financial business advisors for 12 years.

Working with them is like having a very practical, “can do”, virtual CFO down the hall. They provide practical, implementable solutions and are good natured in dealing with silly questions.
He helps us plan our year ahead, looks for opportunities to minimize our expenses and offers suggestions to help manage our business. He is very responsive and has quick turnaround on our requests.

His team works to handle all our payments, payroll and required filings, so we do not have to—and can focus on what we do well. I would highly recommend his services.


Tony Kerekes – NVision Consulting Ltd

tel: 416.406.2308


Several years ago, I was virtually introduced to Don as an accountant that could save me from my self-created mess. Buried under paper and in despair as to how to get everything under control and up-to-date with Revenue Canada, Don calmly took over, sorted it all out, and worked with Revenue Canada to get me on track. My despair gave way to a peace of mind that continues to this day because Don is still taking care of my accounting needs, both personal and business. Using e-mail and Canada Post, we easily manage this business relationship.

Not only is Don meticulous and thorough in his work, but he’s also pleasant to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any of your accounting needs.


Linda Perkins – Valley Vista Acres Vancouver Island, British Columbia www.valleyvistaacres.ca